Weaving trips into Extraordinary Experiences

Join Truly Swahili to explore the heart of East Africa, where the vibrant heritage and culture of the Swahili people blend beautifully with nature's wonders.

We specialize in delivering an authentic East African experience, as vibrant and diverse as the region itself.

Our journeys take you from the majestic heights of Kilimanjaro to the lively flamingos of Lake Naivasha, through the rich traditions of the Maasai in the Mara, the Swahili people of East Africa, and to the heart of nature's spectacle - the great wildebeest migration and the elusive Big Five.

Whether exploring nature, culture, fun, or adventure, our mission is to create profound, seamless yet authentic experiences that transform into unforgettable memories, capturing the spirit and wonder of East Africa in every moment, tailored to the unique interests and needs of each traveler.

Romantic Honeymoon

Romantic Honeymoon

Romantic Honeymoon

Accommodations at leading properties

Professional dedicated drivers

Insider tours and recommendations

Access to off-the-market experiences

Support throughout your trip

Authentic memories that last a lifetime

What we do

At Truly Swahili, we do more than just travel planning; we are custodians of an authentic East African experience. Our team, deeply rooted in local expertise, is dedicated to offering travelers a window into our world as we see it. We collaborate with on-the-ground suppliers to tailor and curate activities and accommodation that meet each traveler's unique needs, crafting journeys that are as authentic as they are unforgettable.

Embodying the Swahili spirit, which mirrors East Africa's rich cultural and historical mosaic, we connect the past and present of this vibrant region. Our mission is to deliver journeys of a lifetime, steeped in the Swahili ethos of diversity and cultural fusion. We are Truly Swahili, your gateway to the heart of East Africa.

About us

At the core of every thing we do at Truly Swahili is a commitment to the traveler. We specialize in connecting travelers with exceptional local experiences, bridging the gap between global travel desires and the rich offerings of our local cultures. Our focus is on showcasing our world by curating journeys that go beyond the ordinary, transforming trips into treasured, lifelong memories.

We believe in travel as an enlightening journey, a chance to immerse in the unique tapestry of local stories, cultures, and landscapes, offering more than just a trip, but a breathtaking gateway to extraordinary, personalized travel experiences.

Meet the team

Meet Irenemical Mollel, a true child of Tanzania's Northern Safari gateway, Arusha. From a young age, Irenemical's surroundings instilled in her a deep-seated passion for travel and tourism, a journey that led her to earn a BSc in Tourism Management. Her education was just the beginning, fueling a career dedicated to enhancing the tourism and hospitality industry from the ground up.

Irenemical's expertise spans managing sustainable human-wildlife initiatives, leading travel and tour operations, and overseeing hotel management in the breathtaking Zanzibar. At each step, she has championed exceptional customer care, always aiming to exceed expectations.

Now, as a cherished member of the Truly Swahili Team, Irenemical brings a wealth of authentic knowledge and experiences. She's not just planning trips; she's crafting unforgettable journeys that offer clients a fresh perspective on life. With Irenemical, expect nothing less than extraordinary experiences that linger long after the journey ends.

Operations Specialist

A Nairobi native with a passion for hospitality and tourism management embarked on a journey to redefine travel experiences in East Africa. Beginning his career in luxury hotels, Stephan soon realized his desire for personalized adventures, which led him to establish his own venture. With a deep-rooted knowledge of the region and a love for exploration, Stephan crafts bespoke itineraries that showcase the diverse landscapes, cultures, and wildlife of East Africa, ensuring every trip is a unique and unforgettable experience.

When not orchestrating tailor-made adventures, Stephan can be found exploring the hidden gems of Kenya with friends, always seeking out new discoveries and adventures off the beaten path.

Sales & Operations Specialist

Born in Kenya but raised across East Africa, Melvin has over 12 years in travel and logistics across vibrant East Africa and Egypt, Melvin is more than just a master of management with MBAs from Edinburgh Napier and Sikkim Manipal Universities. He's a maestro at making the impossible possible.

He's not just our General Manager, he's a storyteller, a strategist, and the pulsating heart of our team. With Melvin, every challenge is an adventure, every project a story waiting to unfold. Welcome to Melvin's world, where work is play, and every day is a journey worth embarking on!

General Manager

From our travellers

This was our family's first trip to Africa. We're naturally unfamiliar with the territory and a bit apprehensive about planning a trip. We spent five days wildlife viewing in Serengeti and Ngorongoro, and two days in the city of Arusha.

Our local travel organizer Melvin M. and our local safari guide Walter O. were both extremely helpful and kind beyond our expectations. Melvin was professional and very responsive. Walter and assistant guide Kaka M. were very well informed about Tanzania's natural world and helped us get the most of our time, putting in extraordinary effort to help us experience the best of this wonderful part of the world.

As parents were were protective traveling with our teenage kids. The team made us feel safe and welcome both in the city and in the wild. We will remember their kindness and good company for a long time to come.

Jamshid K.

I recently embarked on an East African adventure organized by Melvin, and it was an experience of a lifetime! Melvin's expertise and passion for Africa shone through in every detail. From the breathtaking safari in the Serengeti to the vibrant culture in Zanzibar, every moment was perfectly planned. His knowledge of unique experiences and connections with communities enriched our journey immensely. Melvin's professionalism and enthusiasm made this trip unforgettable. Highly recommend for an authentic African experience!


I just returned from an incredible trip to Kenya, meticulously planned by Melvin, and it was nothing short of spectacular! Melvin's deep knowledge of Kenya's diverse landscapes and wildlife transformed our safari into a magical experience. We witnessed the majestic Great Migration in Maasai Mara, explored the stunning Amboseli National Park, and enjoyed the vibrant culture of Nairobi. Melvin's attention to detail, from luxurious lodges to seamless travel arrangements, made our journey both comfortable and exhilarating. Truly a top-notch Kenyan adventure!


I recently visited Zanzibar, and thanks to Stephan, it was a dream come true! His expertise in crafting the perfect island getaway was evident in every aspect of our trip. From the pristine beaches of Nungwi to the historic Stone Town, Stephan's itinerary was a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. His choice of oceanfront resorts and insider tips on local cuisine added a luxurious touch. Stephan's passion for Zanzibar and attention to detail made our experience truly unforgettable. A must-visit destination!